Official announcement

The INTERFARMA Board of Directors has just announced that its Chief Executive Officer, Antônio Britto, will become the President of the Entity\”s Advisory Council as of June 1st, 2018. 

INTERFARMA\”s Director of Market Access, Pedro Bernardo, takes over the executive roles on an interim basis and starts responding to the Entity as of May 14th. Pedro Bernardo is an economist and has worked for more than 20 years in various government positions, such as Chief of the Economic Advisory and Regulation Center, Deputy Executive Secretary of CMED (Market for Regulation of Medication Markets) and General Manager of Economic Regulation and Monitoring of Marketplace. Pedro Bernardo has an extensive experience in the institutional relationship with the various agencies, public and private institutions and official bodies. 

Antônio Britto will have as his main attribution to advise the Entity in this moment of transition, supporting the executive team and the future INTERFARMA leadership. 

It is important to note that during the nine years in which he has performed the Entity\”s executive roles, Britto has undergone profound transformations in INTERFARMA\”s relationship with the most diverse publics, especially the government, in the sense of dialogue, transparency, collaboration, suggestion of improvements in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market and in the health system as a whole. 

The changes reinforce the commitment of the Entity to continue the projects undertaken by its Executive Board, in order to guarantee the maintenance of the mission to improve health conditions and access to technological innovations by the Brazilian population.

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