Interfarma´s New Code of Conduct is approved and comes into force in January 2022
Interfarma Português 20/10/2021

Interfarma´s New Code of Conduct is approved and comes into force in January 2022

The fifth revision of the Interfarma Code of Conduct has been concluded. The new text was approved at the Special Shareholders’ Meeting of the Association of June 10th and comes into force in January 2022.

The Code of Conduct brings rules for the relations of the Pharmaceutical Industry with its stakeholders in Brazil, following the same responsibilities adopted and based on international standards. It gives the associated companies a competitive differential for the patient, who seeks in these brands the values of ethic and integrity naturally related to the quality of their products.

Until the Code is launched, Interfarma will seek dialogue with old partners between Companies and medical Associations, health Professionals and new partners. The objective is to bring the New Code of Conduct of INTERFARMA to the knowledge of the medical community and the entire Health Sector, which will ensure greater strength and legitimacy to the document.

Interfarma is moving forward to complete the training of members considering the new version of the Code.

Finalizing the preparation for the launch of the Code, the Compliance Commission will continue with the harmonization between the final approved text and the Q&A document. Designed to be launched together with the New Code, the Questions and Answers is a concise document adapted to the new text, in the same standards as IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association). Its objective is to assist the interlocutor in the search for understandings and consensus that require greater clarity for the correct interpretation of the Code and its application.

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