INTERFARMA’s Statement on Coronavirus

Besides inhouse measures to support authorities’ efforts control the spread of the virus, including restraining presential meetings and traveling, INTERFARMA released a statement to restate the industry commitment to the fight against Covid-19 health crisis. The release was sent to local media and posted on social media. Please access the document here

INTERFARMA, along with other industry associations (national and generic laboratories) have been called upon by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) to discuss a new resolution to speed up the registration of drugs to prevent and treat the Coronavirus disease.

Local associations are putting significant efforts to support ANVISA, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy to: 1) prevent a solution that lowers the bar on the import of drugs not registered in the country; 2) assure that pharmaceutical active ingredients imports are not restricted as a result of Coronavirus since this could hinder  local production chain of medical supplies; 3) show the Ministry of Economy how the indiscriminate importing of medications may lead to a breach in current regulations and significantly impact the competitiveness of companies based in Brazil.

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