Interfarma elects president and new members of the Management Committee

Interfarma elects president and new members of the Management Committee

On June 10th, 2021, Interfarma elected its president, vice-president and new members the management committee. The mandate of all members will be until the next election of the Board of Directors on March 2022. 

Hugo Nisenbom, president of MSD, and Patrick Eckert, president of Roche, were elected as president and vice-president of the Board of Directors. Marc Hasson, president of Boehringer Ingelheim, and Roy Benchimol, president of Janssen, take on positions in the Management Committee. 

The executive president of the Interfarma, Elizabeth de Carvalhaes, praises the work of Allan Finkel of Novo Nordisk, “who leaves the leadership of the Association after having carried out important restructurings and implemented a new governance and sectoral agenda in the last years, and congratulate Hugo Nisenbom and Patrick Eckert on the election, as well as the new members of the management committee”. 

“Brazil and the world have never needed our help so much to add more years to life and more life to their years with new medicines, vaccines and health solutions. We have as a great common goal the passionate and tireless work so that relevant innovations reach each of the Brazilians”, says Hugo Nisenbom, new president of the Board of Interfarma.  

With the election of the new members, the Management Committee becomes the following composition: 

  • HugoNisenbom, president of MSD 
  • Patrick Eckert, president of Roche
  • Renata Campos, president of Takeda
  • Felix Scott, president of Sanofi
  • Marc Hasson, president of Boehringer Ingelheim
  • RoyBenchimol, president of Janssen

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