Interfarma communication strategy for Oral Oncologics and Clinical Research
Interfarma Português 20/10/2021

Interfarma communication strategy for Oral Oncologics and Clinical Research

Interfarma has acted strongly for the approval of Bills 6.330 / 2019 (Oral Oncological) and 7.082/2017 (Clinical Research). In addition to publishing content on the themes, the Association has held meetings with parliamentarians and government bodies to defend the relevance of the projects.

Bill 6.330 was approved by federal deputies and senators, but vetoed by the President of the Republic. In view of the veto, the Association adopted a communication strategy to show the importance of the bill to improve access and quality of life for cancer patients and thus mobilize public opinion. The text must be reviewed again by the National Congress, which can maintain or overturn the presidential veto.

In addition to articles about the subject in television and national press vehicles, through the communication of Interfarma, such as TV Bandeirantes, Metropolis website and the newspaper Correio Braziliense, article written by the Chief Executive Officer of the association, Elizabeth de Carvalhaes, defending the overthrow of the veto, was published in the Blog Fausto Macedo, on the website of the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.

The Clinical Research Bill approval is the key for the pharmaceutical sector. The Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission (CCJC) approved on the afternoon of August 3rd the opinion of congressman Aureo Ribeiro (SOLIDARIEDADE/RJ) to Bill 7.082/2017. The text now goes for analysis by the plenary of the House of Representatives. Interfarma has been working with the Brazilian media to achieve visibility for the theme in the media.

Links to the articles that have been published about the presidential veto to the Bill 6330/2019

Presidential Veto

Website O Estado de S. Paulo – Article by president Elizabeth de Carvalhaes  

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Correio Braziliense 

Links to the published articles about the approval of the Bill 6330/2019 by the House of Representatives:
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Correio Braziliense 

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